1-struggle for a year trying to find suitable, permanent lodging...on a really really tight budget


2-go to a ton of apartment viewings of questionable places shown by questionable people who try to increase the rent before you even have the place and/or make you wait cruel periods of time making you think you are a candidate when really they have had someone else in mind all along and wonder what their reasons could possibly be for doing that.


3- indignantly send the following email to one of said landlords:


Hi! Bet you thought you'd heard the last of me?! ;-) I'm writing because I know you felt regret at not being able to offer me and other deserving applicants the apartment. I also know that you felt badly about the last minute rental increase so I'm here with an opportunity to help you wipe the karmic slate clean. Below is a link to my sponsorship page for the Habitat For Humanity build I am taking part in. I only have until September 19th to reach my $500 goal so if you could find it in your heart to donate a little something it would be much appreciated and you can sleep well knowing you were a part of the solution not the problem. Thanks!


All the best,





(btw you can still donate until September 30th...just sayin' good cause!)


4- collect the most satisfying $25 for charity that you'll ever make!


5-sell yourself via email and in person to strangers you have to live with or you''ll end up sleeping on your friends couches for a while until you finally accept the basement apartment even though you spent last winter in a basement with an intense roommate and oh dear God what will THESE people be like?!


6- get rejected time and time again by prospective roomies and never know why


7- fall into despair


8- remind yourself that you are in charge of your own destiny and that what you think IS your reality


9 remember that you have come a long way and that you're doing the things you want to do with your life and in the moment that you decide that things aren't as bad as you think, smile as an email comes into your inbox from the Jin at the Gate 403 booking you for two more dates!


10- decide not to stop until you get exactly what you want: your own place at the price you can afford


11- appeal to your loved ones to please all think positive thoughts for a successful result and know that they are actually doing this!


12-create the following poster




13- mostly walking your bike, tape this poster to posts for 2 and a half hours across the west end of Toronto from Harbord and Bathurst to High Park while maintaining a positive spirit. (note: Don't stop at Ossington like you want to but instead keep heading west towards the Roncesvales/High Park neighbourhood that you really want to live in.)


14- stop only when it's dark out and it begins to rain without warning and you need to take cover under a tree and check your gps to see where you are and where the subway is


15-when two ladies out for a stroll also take cover under the tree, casually mention what you're doing in the neighbourhood with sheets of paper and packing tape.



16-Listen as one of the women tells you that she has just the place you need available in her own home



17- walk away dumbfounded having gotten no real information but a phone number



18-on the phone the next day discover the following serendipitous information

a) the landlord has done two habitat for humanity builds herself

b) one of her best friends is Jin at the Gate 403

c)her house happens to be on the same street as the craigslist add you just posted on facebook with the status “ my holy grail of apartments” but is not that apartment


19-make arrangements to view the place that day


20-refrain from weeping when you walk in and realize that it is way more amazing than you ever could have dreamed of and absolutely the perfect place for you in every way


21-during a lovely conversation with the even lovelier landlord make arrangements to pay your budgeted amount of rent for a much more expensive place in exchange for 6hrs of labour a month which you really wanted a chance to do anyway...starting with painting your very own giant balcony that towers over a sweet little neighbourhood.


22-sign the lease, get the keys and count your many blessings (after your references are checked of course!)



you can always find me at 7:30PM the 1st Tuesday of every month at the Tranzac Club.

Collette practices some old-time songs...


<a href="http://photobucket.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://i130.photobucket.com/albums/p261/jayzed69/IMG_0815.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>




Just a last minute reminder for Collette's Video Release Show at the Tranzac: Tuesday July 3rd at 8:30 PM (doors open at 8) Over a year in the making the video for "Are You Coming Along" will be premiered !



Here's a live clip from Collette's CD Release show last month at the Tranzac Club in Toronto. This is her song "Thousands Of Days" and it features Canadian music legend Bob Wiseman on piano (and organ on the CD version.) Collette is also accompanied by her stellar rhythm section of Brian Kobayakawa on bass and Adam Warner on drums as well as her usual sidekick John Zytaruk on baritone guitar. (In the back you can see some of the decor for the show which included some of Collette's very own best dresses!)

Last night we had a fantastic time at the official launch of Best Dress. Thank you to all those who have supported us throughout this process and by being there last night. Stay tuned for photos and video for the event. In the meantime you can finally get your hands on a copy of the CD...

Collette Savard: Best Dress

CLICK HERE to read what Roots Music Canada's Andy Frank has to say about Collette's new CD "Best Dress."

After over a year's work Collette's third independent CD "Best Dress" is finally completed. Thanks the many people who made it happen. Please enjoy a sample; the opening track entitled "Nicer Things". See you at the release on April 21st at the Tranzac Club!!

Just letting everyone know that Collette and John are moving in on the home stretch of finishing the new CD. Hope to see lot's of people out at the Tranzac in Toronto on April 21st for the CD release concert. In the meantime here's a live clip of one of the new songs "Holy Water" with Saskia Tomkins and Scott Besharah sitting in. Enjoy!

...Collette brings you this recently unearthed treasure. It's a live version of "Midnight" taken from the CD release concert for "Zen Boyfriend." This features Canadian jazz legend Richard Underhill along with drummer Adam Warner (who will be back on Collette's forthcoming CD,) bassist Wes Neal, and producer/fall guy John Zytaruk on lap steel. Glad this one-of-a-kind version was documented!

Collette and John spent an unforgettable couple of hours the other night as the brilliant Bob Wiseman laid down some piano tracks for the new album. 


Here's a little teaser to give you an idea of what Collette's forthcoming third CD will sound like. Although this won't appear on the CD, this is a cover of Collette performing Little Willie John John's classic "My Love Is." This came about at the very end of the recording sessions when, just for fun and to celebrate the completion of the last song, Collette decided to get everyone to jam on this great song which has long been a favourite in her live repertoire. Recorded in one take this shows the beautiful natural ambience of the church and the exceptional skills of acoustic bassist Brian Kobawakawa, drummer Adam Warner, producer John Zytaruk and master engineer Joe Mancuso. Enjoy!

Back in North Bay when Collette was growing up, her first big concert experience was seeing Tom Cochrane in Memorial Gardens (where John saw Rush when he was but a wee lad...) Anyway here's Collette and John doing Tom's classic "Life Is A Highway." Stay tuned for a future version of "Xanadu" or maybe "Closer to the Heart..."

This past Saturday Collette and John spent a long hot afternoon in Oakville shooting the performance portions of a music video for one of the songs from Collette's forthcoming third CD. Director Jessica Adams and cinematographer Lucas Chong deserve special thanks for their hard work and artistic vision. Collette especially was a real trouper as she performed for take after take in the stifling heat. The glamour of showbiz!


Just a quick update to let everyone know that progress is going well on Collette's forthcoming third CD. The tracks recorded in the spring are now being mixed and various overdubs of background vocals and guest soloists are being added. We're lucky to have master fiddler Saskia Tomkins return for a few tracks and are very excited that original Blue Rodeo keyboardist Bobby Wiseman will be adding some piano to one of the songs. In the meantime come on down to the Tranzac club on the first TUesday of every month to get a sneak peak at some of the new songs!


Regrettably, due to circumstances beyond their control, Collette and John will NOT be performing their  monthy show at the Tranzac this Tuesday May 3rd. They will be back on Tuesday June 7th. See you then!

Come one come all down to the Tranzac Club in Toronto on March 1st to hear Collette and John perform...including songs from her upcoming CD. Things are moving along nicely with sessions booked for late March in a 160 year old church. Adam Warner will return on drums and the Creaking Tree String Quartet's Brian Kobayakawa will play acoustic bass. John will produce and award-winning engineer Joe Mancuso will take care of the sound. Thanks to all who have contributed to the advance sales-your support is invaluable in enabling this to happen with these great cats...



Collette and John ended the year on a high note when they were selected by guest host Rich Terfry (aka Buck 65) to play at Broken Social Scene member Jason Collett's annual Basement Revue, held at Toronto's very cozy Dakota Tavern on Dec. 28th. They performed three songs which will be featured on Collette's upcoming CD and then John had the pleasure of improvising some dobro behind acclaimed author Gil Adamson ("Outlander") as she read a poem about a gunslinger. Finally John joined Buck 65 onstage for a performance of "Paper Airplane" a song they co-wrote along with PEI songstress Jenn Grant and which will be featured on Buck's next CD to be released early in the new year. Other performers that night included Great Lake Swimmers' Tony Dekker as well as the Cowgirl Choir so it was a pretty special evening. The craziest part though, was what happened during paramedic/author/storyteller-extraordinaire Morgan Phillips' monologue. An audience member standing near the bar passed out and hit the floor hard, necessitating Morgan to cut short his appearance and spring into action to assist the unfortunate individual. The audience got to see first hand just how Morgan does his job but the only way to find out how the story ended was to buy Morgan's book "The Emergency Monologues" (which Collette did of course!)

We now have more details about Collette's upcoming appearance at The Cameron House next week in support of The Daily Bread Food Bank. HOTCHA has put together a stellar lineup of excellent musicians and it's sure to be a night to remember. Come on down to support a most worthy cause and to hear a ton of great songs by some fine folks!


Just two more chances to hear Collette live this year in the Toronto area-tonight at the Tranzac Club and December 21st at the Cameron House where she will appear with John to support the Daily Bread Food Bank in a benefit show. Details to follow as soon as they are available...



Just a reminder to those in the Toronto area about our next show the Tranzac Tuesday Oct. 5th at 7:30 PM. Hope to see you there!

Oct 5 M

Fresh from their Whimsical Wedding in the Woods last month up near North Bay, Collette and John are very excited about resuming their musical partnership on stage. Their monthly shows at the Tranzac Club in Toronto start up again on Tuesday Sept 7th at 7:30 PM. They will be there again on the first Tuesday of each month for the rest of the year. Come on down to hear songs new and old, hear some crazy stories and, of course, win some of the most sought-after prizes available anywhere!



...an authentic image of a three-headed ukulele ensemble! Actually it's Collette, John and special guest Steve McNie as seen at The Tranzac Club in Toronto playing Bob Dylan's "I'll Keep It With Mine."



Collette and John will be at the Tranzac Club in Toronto on Sunday June 6th from 5-7 PM for the last show of their current residency there. They'll be taking a little time off this summer to do more work on the next CD and also to get married! There will be a few shows here and there and they hope to be back at the Tranzac for  regular shows in the fall.

June 6 small


Collette and John are honoured and very excited to have been chosen to travel, later this month, to the remote northern Ontario First Nations community of Pikangikum as part of an Artscan Circle trip. While there they will conduct music workshops and teach ukulele to schoolchildren. The kids will be receiving 30 ukuleles which were generously donated by the Corktown Ukulele Jam of Toronto. Check back here later for an update on how the trip went and to see photos of what is sure to be a unique experience!


Here's a live video shot by Paul Yedema at the Tranzac Club in Toronto featuring Collette's new song "Nicer Things." Collette is playing her "Lovelele" the new custom engagement ukulele made by Dave Talsma. John is accompanying her on his dobro...

Collette and John are pleased to announce that they will have a special guest at their next show at the Tranzac on March 2nd. Steve McNie will be sitting in with them on cello, accordion and lord knows what else (he can play just about anything he picks up it seems!) Steve is the co-founder of the Corktown Ukulele Jam where John and Collette can often be found on Wednesdays down at the Dominion on Queen. Steve also plays with The McFlies and is involved in a multitude of projects at any given time. Come on down for an extra-special evening of great music (click on the poster below for show details or go to the Calendar section of the website.)


Collette and John are pleased to announce that their regular monthly shows at the wonderful Tranzac Club in Toronto have been extended to June! Come on down to the Southern Cross Lounge on the first Tuesday of every month at 7:30 PM to enjoy Collette and John playing music from Collette's last two CDs as well as material from her forthcoming third (along with the usual assortment of covers from the folk, blues, jazz and pop worlds.) Add to that Collette's uniquely entertaining stage presence and the wacky prizes and you'll be sure to have a great evening!


To celebrate the holidays Collette is posting her melancholy Christmas song "I'm So Cold." She wrote this on dulcimer last year just before Christmas and it was up on her MySpace page for a little while but, other than that, it hasn't been available until now. Feel free to download it, cry along in your eggnog with it, and share it with whomever you like!

I'm So Cold by collettesavard

Thanks to all who came out to see us at the Moonshine Cafe in Oakville and especially to William & Polly for sharing their fine music with everyone.


For those in the Oakville and Toronto areas Collette will be performing at The Moonshine Cafe on Dec. 3rd and at The Tranzac Club on Dec 6th. Click on the thumbnail poster for more details. Hope to see you there! Collette Savard Dec 2009
One of the highlights of the OCFF conference was appearing at the Ukulele Speakeasy Showcase (following the surprise appearance by James Hill!) Here's a photo courtesy of Candace Shaw Collette Uke Speak
Collette and John are excited to be attending the annual Ontario Council Of Folk Festivals Coference in Ottawa this weekend where they will be showcasing, attending seminars, workshops, and spending time with friends-new and old. They are especially looking forward to performing in the Ukulele Speakeasy which will be presented by the Cortown Ukulele Jam and filmed for future YouTube enjoyment. Look here for new footage soon! Photobucket
Collette and John are delighted to announce that, starting in the new year, they will be performing monthly at the Tranzac Club in downtown Toronto. They will be playing in the Southern Cross Lounge from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM on the first Tuesday of each month. Special guests, prizes, fun for all and lot's of great music (of course!) Check the Calendar section for specific dates and location info. for the Tranzac.
It's been quiet this summer as Collette has been taking some time off working on new songs and re-charging the batteries. There will be some exciting new projects and more shows starting next month-stay tuned for news! Photobucket
We were informed yesterday that, due to logistical problems related to the garbage strike, the BBQ has been cancelled this year. Too bad-it was a lot of fun last year...
One could say that Collette and John have now graduated to the arenas with their recent appearance at the Strawberry and Asparagus Festival in Toronto. (Due to rain the event was moved indoors to the Phil White Arena.) Here we see Collette passing some time before the show while sitting in the penalty box (the "green room" for the day.) Photobucket
Collette and John just got back from four days of workshops and performances in the Midland, Penatanguishine area. As participants in the Stellula Music in Schools program they worked with student songwriting groups and conducted workshops. They also performed numerous concerts in front of students from kindergarten level all the way up to high school. Already looking forward to next year! Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Collette tries out a Frost fretless gourd banjo-real roots music! Real gourd
New photo gallery in the "Photos" section with pictures chronicling the making of Collett'e last CD "Zen Boyfriend."
Here's Collette and John performing Collette's song "I See You" at Toronto's Corktown Ukelele Jam. Most viewing on YouTube will win Collette some sort of prize so... view away!
Kitchen music Collette and John were delighted to perform on the unique radio show "Phoning It In" this past Sun. Mar 8th. Host Nadav Carmel spoke with Collette and got to hear her play seven songs over the phone from her kitchen (accompanied by John.) You can hear the whole thing here.
Collette has been invited to appear on the acclaimed radio show from Providence, Rhode Island Phoning It In where indie artists perform live over the telephone! Previous guests include Jolie Holland, Daniel Johnston, Julie Doiron and many more so she will be in good company. As soon as the date has been confirmed it will be posted here. (All past shows are available on the show's website so, even if you miss it live, you'll have a chance to hear it.) Collette (and John) have been invited to perform as guests with the incredible multi-instrumentalist Steafan Hannigan and his partner Saskia Tomkins (who provided violin and viola on Collette's last CD) at a St. Patrick's Day concert at the Flying Cloud Folk Club in Toronto on March 15th. (See the "Calendar Dates" page for details.) Finally, John Zytaruk is honored to have been invited to play at a special tribute concert for Toronto folk legend Rick Fielding-one of his banjo inspirations. Click on the poster below for more details. Rick Fielding Tribute
Collette and John enjoyed another lovely visit to the Barrie area on Dec. 19th when then performed at the Rama Elementary School as part of the Stellulla Music in Schools program. Later that evening they performed at the Fireside Lounge at the Horseshoe Resort. Much thanks to Don Beaulieu for his writeup and beautiful photos. (scroll down after the jump) Collette on ukulele
Oct. 6th found Collette and John in Elmvale Ontario where they helped launch the Stellula Music In Schools Program with several workshops conducted at a local high school. You can read more about it from here.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Collette and John had perfect summer afternoon playing at the 100 Mile BBQ in Toronto's Riverdale Park on Saturday. Thanks to our friends the Don Valley Boyz for inviting us and to all the great folks who came out to the event.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Thanks to all who came out to the show in Montreal this weekend at L'Inspecteur Epingle and helped to make it such a great night. Thanks also to Milie Croche and William & Polly for playing so well. Special thanks to Ivan Bousquet who took some very nice photos:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Thanks to all who came out to Collette's CD Release show at the Cameron House. It was a thrilling night-especially because of the great band (Adam Warner on drums, Wes Neal on acoustic bass and especially the fantastic Richard Underhill on baritone and alto saxes.)
It seems like eMusic is taking an awfully long time getting Zen Boyfriend added to their catalogue. Until then those of you in search of DRM-free MP3s are invited to purchase them from CD Baby
Collette will be making a LIVE television appearance on Rogers Daytime at 11 AM Thursday May 22nd, the day of the official release of "Zen Boyfriend." Collette will perform with John and also do some chatting. Tune in at 11 AM to catch the magic! (The show is repeated at 4 and 11 PM.)
I've just added to the music section all of the lyrics to the new CD along with audio and stories about the songs and their backgrounds. Enjoy!
Very busy getting ready for my upcoming CD release concert May 22nd at The Cameron House. It's going to be a great night with many special guests and lots of great music. Our friends William & Polly will be opening the show and we will have Adam Warner on drums and Wes Neal on acoustic bass. Finally Juno-award winning jazz saxophonist Richard Underhill will sit in on a few tunes and folk singer Eve Goldberg will also stop by.Hope to see you there! Poster edit 1

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