Rebecca Campbell

When an injury cut short a promising future as a dancer in Ottawa Ontario, the young Rebecca organically flowed into a life of music. For over 30 years she has graced the stage alongside countless talented artists. Her early dance training is betrayed by her vibrant stage presence. It is however her vocal prowess and skill on a number of percussion and rhythm instruments that most make her a hot commodity on Toronto's music scene and beyond. Though humbly and passionately elevating the songs of others in an impressive variety of genres, she has also released a prolific catalog of original recordings. Here are some of her ongoing projects:


The Special interest group

the special interest group
plays protest music… 
… from the frontline to the picket line.
… from the city street to the prison cell. 
… from the mountaintop to the radio-band.
… from London Calling to We Shall Overcome.

Calling out the the gentrifiers, the deniers, and the warmongers.
Singing the songs of the disenfranchised and the disenchanted.
Doesn't sound like much fun. 
Could it possibly swing…?
… But we're as devoted to the groove as we are to the cause. 

The Special Interest Group is a new activist band, dedicated to performing and interpreting a wide range of progressive political, labour and topical music. Songs with messages of social change, anger and hope. Songs from picket lines and protest marches. Popular songs addressing contemporary issues from peace to climate change to economic justice.

Stewart Laughton's Radio dial

Because on long car trips, Stuart scours the radio waves for interesting music, and wanted to bring a similarly eclectic presentation to the stage (think Stuart McLean’s Vinyl Café, with the speaking and musical proportions reversed). It helps that he sings and plays a dozen instruments, and that he injects his contagious enthusiasm into a kaleidoscopic amalgam of 1920’s Broadway, country blues and 60’s pop instrumental hits, B.B. King guitar, Boogie Woogie piano and Chet Baker’s jazz trumpet, country, Celtic, rockabilly and his own songs about Canada.

  • Burke Carroll (Murray McLaughlan/Justin Rutledge) – pedal steel guitar and Dobro
  • Rebecca Campbell (Jane Siberry, Fat Man Waving, Porkbelly Futures) vocals, percussion and accordion
  • Steve Lucas (Bruce Cockburn/guest with Levon Helm Band in Woodstock) – Bass
  • Martin Worthy (Porkbelly Futures/Joe Hall) – Drums

Jim Clayton (Clayton – Scott Group/Second City) – Piano

full band 1 low res cred.jpg

COLLETTE SAVARD and the savants

Fleetwood Mac and Steely Dan wander through the backwoods and get lost. After some time they find a cabin in which to take refuge.

The cabin is sparse but contains a wall of traditional instruments as well as a rock and roll backline.

They sit down to play.

Occasionally they get visitors, like Patsy Cline, Tom Waits, Howlin’ Wolf, Gillian Welch and Tom Petty but mostly they are alone together passing the time with their instruments, playing songs you’ve never heard before.

If you like that story, you might enjoy the Collette Savard Band. With her palette of acoustic folk instrument brushes, Collette whiddles out of her imagination beautiful song gems . She brings them to you wrapped in the exciting package of her band of seasoned masters.

Rebecca Campbell, Megan Worthy, Martin Worthy, Tim Posgate and John Switzer.

Here are some of the other acts that Rebecca sings with regularly...